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Gopher: retrochallenge_10_16

 *  This is the home of everything related to my entry for Retrochallenge
 *  10/2016. Some would call this a blog,but in reality it's just a neat
 *  collection of folders. Blog or not though, this is where you can find
 *  all the information related to my entry and my current progress with it.
 *  This will be my first year taking part in Retrochallenge and for it I've
 *  decided to restore an IBM 5150 (PC) that I recently picked up.
 *  I won't say to much more as you can read my posts, but I wish good luck
 *  to everyone and their projects!
 *  --- External Links -----------------------------------------------------
 *  Retrochallenge
 *  Retrochallenge Twitter
 *  My Twitter
 *  --- Posts --------------------------------------------------------------
 *  (09/25) A brief overview of my plans for Retrochallenge 10/16gopher-menu

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